Thursday, July 18, 2013

Run like you stole something

As my facebook follower received this pre-information of yesterday evening, there is another announcement of a cornerstone on my way of getting back into the best shape of my life.

You know, I did the COLOR RUN 5K-Challenge in Munich on 30th June, which was really a colorful and funny event (although I catched a cold some days before). In this post some days ago you can read my summary. 

My next Running Event is planned in Ulm (my home town) on 29th September with 10K
It´s called 'Einstein Marathon' regarding the birth town of Albert Einstein.
Einstein Marathon in Ulm (with the tallest church of the world in background)
I already signed in last year for the event of last year but unfortunately I didn´t focus on my training and had so much excuses… So I transferred my participation to this year. 

As mentioned, the B.A.A. (Boston Athletic Association) opened yesterday their registration for the upcoming Half Marathon on 13th October. Whereas I´m on-site in this time I studied the pros and cons of participation/non-participation…. Until the last minute before the opening! 
I know, that I´m not a professional runner (not fast and no long distance). On a sunny Sunday morning in March this year I woke up, fastened my running shoes and ran…. Ran without heart rate monitor, without time- and distance goal. The weather was nearly perfect and at the end I did 9,7 km (rd. 6 miles). This was my longest distance so far!

Picture of one of last year´s BAA Half Marathon event (internet fund)

I couldn´t imagine the picture of being in Boston without participation and seeing the happy finisher while standing next to other viewer.

The registration open was announced for 10:00 a.m. EST / 4 o´clock CET. 
I stick a big post-it label into my diary and set the alarm in my mobile phone for not forgetting this date.

Afterwards it seemed that this was the best idea. The field-size is only for 7,500 runner and they advised to fill out the registration form VERY QUICK! Some of these was already hold by distance medley participants (medley is the BAA 5K, 10K and half), who could signed up for all three earlier this year.

I want to have one of these medals
It closed in record time of 12 minutes, as the field size limit has been reached!!! Last year happened this at 55 minutes and the year before at 2 hours.

I´m a lucky girl to register in time, but I had to wait until getting the acceptance mail.
Nearly every few minutes I scrolled down my iPhone for updating my inbox. :o)

Round about 4 ½ hours later I got the redemptive mail: 
I`M IN…!!!! 
Whooo hoooo!!

Therefore: the progress of my participation in Running Events in this year will added by one more cornerstone. 5K, 10K and now also 21K (13.1 miles).

But – to be honest – I´m a little bit scared of this participation. The longest run I ever made was nearly 10K… and in 12 weeks I have to run the double distance!!

It´s now time to train with a huge aspiration, if I want to reach the finish line without crawling on all fours. :o)
But as John Bingham said: "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."! 

Additional to this training I don´t forget to follow my nutrition plan and my weight lifting plan…(see here) :o)

This new cornerstone will be the best motivation and the best fat burner for me for reaching my goals: enter fit, shaped and healthy with a lighter weight the plane to USA for a lovely time in Boston and New York City!!
Do you have any running competitions planned this year or did already some of them?


  1. Hi there, I´m in training for my first Halfmarathon in September this year. I started with running in April this year, finished my first 5k in May under 30min (that was my goal).
    If you are interested I would love to chat with you about running and nutrition and anything else. You can make it!

    1. Hi Tina, that would be lovely. Maybe you can take my fear of the "half way to hell"... :o)