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ADRENALINE - You´ll have to take me to the finish line (10K & 13.1 miles)

Some years ago, I have never been thinking to run or even in participation at a half marathon. Every time when I even think about going for a run, I came up with plenty of reasons not to go. The alarm goes off and instead of hopping out of bed, I rolled over. Or coming home from a long day at work and instead of a rejuvenating run, I grabbed some junk food head and sat on the couch in front of the TV. To be honestly, I really hated to run. It felt so uncomfortable for me and it didn´t make sense to me for a stupid and boring run.

Nearly exactly 3,5 years ago I went with my bf to an outlet shop for sport apparel and equipment. To give my own bastard a small kick into the ass, I rummaged for some sport shoes. There were a lot of Reebok Easytone and some Asics Running Shoes there. After trying some of them I decided to buy the best shoes which fits. (without consultation an sales staff). I chose the Asics Blackhawk 3
I paid –if I can remember- something 50 € (rd. $66 ). It´s an entry-level shoe for beginner.
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They were really comfortable, but –honestly- the most of the time they were in the shoe rack. Okay, once or no more than twice a month they saw the daylight.

Two years ago I started fitness walking with my dad – every Sunday for a course of 5 km (7 miles). Last year I did Zumba with these shoes. They were good enough for my on-off-sport.
This year in April I bought two pair of NIKE Free Shoes – they were perfect for a walk or for doing some bootcamp sessions. (read here), but not running!!

But since a few months I run regularly (2-3 times a week) and I felt more and more uncomfortable in my ASICS shoes. Regarding my overpronation (Pronation is how a runner's foot rolls laterally between footfall and toe-off - overpronation is when it rolls inwards)  in my shoes, I have special insole by BOOTDOC for my skiing and hiking shoes.  
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I tried to wear them additional in my ASICS running shoes. That was in March this year. This was the time of my first long run (nearly 10K = 6 miles). I would have done a longer run, but unfortunately I got a blister on my feet due to the chafing insole. Without these insole there was distressing running - without any fun.

My decision was made: I have to buy some new shoes, if I want to conquer the streets in September with the 10K-Distance and the 21K-Distance in Boston in October with an acceptable time and not crawling on all fours into the finish.

Yesterday I went to the Run2-Shop by Runnerspoint in my home town (Ulm), where I got a really good expert advice by two of the sales staff (which have professional experience in high-performance sport for nearly 15 years!) – including a video analysis on the treadmill with different running shoes.

On the short list, there was the NIKE Lunarglide 5+ (as I´m addicted to NIKE), the ASICS GT 2000 and the BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 13.

I started with my old shoes on the treadmill with my old one. It was really visible in the slow motion, how extremely I cave in (reasonable with my pronation) in my running process.

Afterwards I tried the ASICS GT 2000. It´s the latest model in the award-winning GEL-2000 series. 

Naturally it continues to deliver impressive comfort and fit for overpronators. The new Guidance Trusstic is designed to work with the Guidance Line along the outsole. Together they encourage a more efficient gait, guiding your foot from heel strike to toe-off, while also giving support to the midfoot.
Also new in the GT-2000 is the Dynamic DuoMax Support System, a dual density midsole with a softer top layer for more sensory feedback and added comfort.
This model contains Gender Specific Cushioning, a softer top layer of the Solyte dual density midsole, designed to enhance cushioning and comfort for women.
The lightweight Hotmelt upper, containing less stitches and less potential for irritation, improves comfort. With its excellent cushioning and fit, the GT-2000 is perfect for longer runs.

The difference was enormous. I realized that I ran so long with the wrong shoes. The sales consultant said, that I´m a lucky girl of not getting injured.

The next shoes I tried my (optical) favourite shoes …The NIKE Lunarglide 5+ Running Shoe!
YES, I´m a woman… and I´m also take a look at the optic of something (and maybe without focusing on the functunality…*smile* ). 

The seamless single-layer mesh upper with ultra-strong Flywire threads delivers a superior fit and feel, offering ventilation and support where you need it most. For an adaptive, glove-like fit, the updated Flywire wraps the midfoot and arch and integrates with the lace loops, tightening for a closer fit and reduced pressure on the top ridge of the foot. Dynamic Support provides just the stability you need without the added weight or stiffness of a traditional medial post. A floating heel clip moves with the foot to add another level of support, moderating excessive rearfoot pronation.
The shoe's Lunarlon cushioning features a soft yet resilient foam core encased within a supportive foam carrier for lightweight, ultra-plush cushioning and springy response.
Unfortunately the stability wasn´t as good as the ASICS I tried before. If I want to be successful with my 10K and 21K-Run, I shouldn´t buy these nice…lovely….beautiful.....NIKE Lunarglide… aarrgghh!

The second sales consultant took my over the store and showed me some BROOKS shoes with nearly the same features as the ASICS does. It was the BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 13.

Lucky 13 is our best Adrenaline GTS yet. It was paid special attention to the underfoot flex by adding Omega Flex Grooves and continuing Omni Grooves in the forefoot, allowing the outsole to bend and shape naturally. Continuing with the tradition of a tailored fit, stretch eyelets lock into the medial side to capture the foot better and technologies like Flextra and anatomical Brooks DNA deliver customized stability and cushion.
The magazine Runner´s World called the GTS 13 a “classic stability shoe”, and quoted one wear tester as saying, “it’s soft enough that you can feel the road surface below, but there’s enough padding that you don’t feel as though you're running on concrete blocks.”

In directly comparison with both shoes (on the left with ASICS, on the right with BROOKS) the video analysis on the treadmill showed, that the BROOKS supports my feets better in view of my overpronation.

Additional to my purchase I bought some new running socks by X-SOCKS. 

The combination of cushioning zones and ventilation channels, these socks are particularly good for middle and long-distance runs. The cushioning on the instep and on the heel dissipates the impact and shockwaves that are created with every step you take. The patented Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector™ envelops the sensitive tendons in a recessed area which functions as a support to protect against the risk of chafing and abrasions from the top of the shoe. The integrated ventilation channels of the Traverse AirFlow Channel Systems™ on the soles and the AirCool Stripes™ on the instep continue to let fresh air circulate freely in the shoe.
Thank you Oli and Toni (the consultants) for your 1,5h extraordinary support – especially over the regularly opening hours. 

In the end I´m not sad anymore that I didn´t choose the NIKE Running Shoes.

I struck a compromise: even if the shoes from NIKE weren´t suit on my feets, the apparel does!!

Now I´m geared up to do the battle of 10K and 21K….. let the training begin….. :o)

If you like I can give you my review of my new shoes after some runs. They will be break in.. VERY SOON..!!

Stay healthy and tuned !
(All text with italic format are quoted from the original website of the producer).

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