Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to business

I'm back to Germany after my 3-weeks trip to Boston and New York.

On the one hand I'm sad, because this time had flown so fast. I had really a great time in the States, met so many nice people who became good friends and -as you all know - I reached my most ambitious fitness goal ever: my participation in the BAA Half Marathon on October 13.

On the other side, it's also a good feeling to be home again in a familiar surrounding.

Did you know, that Christmas is closing in very fast....? Or to be more precisely: today in 8 weeks!!

In the Christmas season I'll be off to Chamonix, France for a cozy 4-days skiing vacation at Montblanc with my fiancé. We'll stay in a new hotel next to the mountain with a lovely spa!!

As this 8 weeks are a manageable period, I will come back and keep intense focus on my nutrition and training plan as before.

Although I didn't gained any weight during my US trip, I want to lose more weight.

In the last few months I lost 10 kg (20 lbs) so far, but that's not enough. I want to reach my finish weight until upcoming summer 2014.... 15 more kg (30 lbs) to go.

As promised I'll post more information and pictures of receipes, progress and training moves.

I wish you all a happy Monday...

Let's do it!!

Stay healthy and eat clean.

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