Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tasting sweat! – Part II

This weekend was one of my most sporty weekend since blogging. 

As announced I attent the Zumba Masterclass Session on Saturday. We had so much fun during our 2 hours of dancing and jumping. Here you´ll see the result......(I´m very proud of myself !!):

1063 kcal burned!!

(c) by me
 Isn´t it amazing, is it?

On the top I just came from the gym, where I did my regular interval training on the treadmill.
I see also here some tiny improvements of my fitness level: As compared to my beginning (2 weeks before) I´m now faster than before (+ 0,5 km/h) with the same heart rate. :o)
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Looking for your comments....

Stay healthy!

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