Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eat clean and work out

I know that I didn't mentioned the topic 'nutrition' yet. The reason is, that I had so many several nutrition and diet plan in the past but without consistency. The most of them weren't suitable for a very busy full time worker as me: after a few days of strictly following the plan I lost more and more the motivation and ate that food what I shouldn't. The ups and down results now as a huge number displayed on my scale.

As I'm very interesting in the nutrition (what will happen with my body if I'll eat the right/wrong food) I was looking for some of the fitness groups and discussion panels of the web.

One of them, which I really like is
(Don't get a panic attack when you read "bodybuilding".) :-)

I'm fascinated with working out to be the strongest that you can be while also maintaining a feminine and sexy form with curves in all the right places. I've never been a fan of skinny and flat, but I've always been a fan of being FIT and STRONG. So basically, this is me trying to say that I'm going to step up my game another notch. Now I´ll include weight training in my fitness plan.

On this site there's a really good 12-weeks female fitness plan of Jamie Eason ( , motivational pics of female body transformations and nutrition plans....and all of them are free!! (The only fee is to get your ass off the couch).

Here are two examples of body transformations which awake my interest. (she´s as tall as me)

The intention of the several nutrition plans are: eat clean!!

That mean exactly: eat only that kind of food, which comes naturally from the nature and avoid all processed food (relying on fresh fruits, fish, lean meat, vegetables and whole grains rather than prepackaged or fast food).

Here are a program of Kelsey Byers Challenge Program and Mealplan.

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That clean eating in addition with weight training (starting this week) and cardio should be my formula for a nice shaped and healthy body 2013 - besides reaching all of my planned cornerstones!

Finally, it's a pleasure for me to tell you all, that I lost 1,3 kg last week. Okay, that's only a finger in the dike, but a nice beginning!!!

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