Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beachbody Challenge 2013 - Week 2

My own Beachbody Challenge has just started on Feb 1, 2013.
In the following 20 weeks - until beginning of summer in Germany - I want to move up a gear and keep my eyes on low-carb clean eating in combination with 4-5 times training a week.

Here´s my diary of Week 2:

Friday - Feb, 8
As mentioned in my last post I got suddenly a massive cystitis with medical treatment of antibiotics. So I have to interrupt my training until Monday Feb 11, because antibiotics and sport do not mix - unfortunately!!! And therefore I have to cancel my participation in the bootcamp class. Stretching the legs and drinking a gallon of tea was the mission!

Saturday - Feb, 9
- forced break -

Sunday - Feb 10
- forced break

Monday - Feb, 11
As in Germany there is the 5th season - Carnival, there is no Zumba Class today. So I did another bootcamp class to re-push my body and my metabolism after the long time of compulsory break.
And what can I say? - I really loved to workout! 

Tuesday - Feb, 12
- Rest -

Wednesday - Feb, 13
After my cystitis I got a slight cold. But I didn´t want to wait longer until going back to the gym. So I used my meds and gone to the gym, because it´s only 12 weeks to my first cornerstone this year: 10K on May 5!  

The first training contained of 30 min running with 9 km/h speed to reach 4-5 km.
(max HR: 70-80%) I did 4 km in 32 min.... Not perfect, but a nice start.

Thursday - Feb, 14
Valentine's Day - Rest -
Exact to Valentine´s the postman gave me a long-awaited package from USA... it´s the silicon bracelet from Kelsey Byers with the following slogan: EAT CLEAN and if you turn around FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Besides this bracelet there was a really nice surprise in it: a picture with a personal dedication of Kelsey! That´s motivation pure!!!

From Feb, 17-22 I'll go for skiing in a lodge in the alps. That means, exercise the whole 5 days - without falling off the track of clean eating!!! Yiihaaw!

via pinterest
 Isn´t it cute?!?

Stay healthy and enjoy the lovely sides of the winter!

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