Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nothing worth comes easy

My dear followers,

it´s been an age since my last post.... but there´s one busy day after another: As a full-time worker, commuter, distance-learner (in economics, just if you ask), fiancée, daughter, friend and - of course - fitness girl, there isn´t plenty of time of leisure.

As you all know, there´s planned some highlights this year, which are just around the corner:

After the Color Run at the end of June, the next running event called 'Einstein Marathon' (regarding the birth town of Albert Einstein, Ulm at the Danube) will be at this Sunday. My distance will be a 10K-run.
I hope, the photographer will catch a nice pic of me....stay tuned on facebook.

But this run will be just a 'take-away', because currently I´m in the training of my first half marathon.
As mentioned in this post, I´m registrated in the 13th B.A.A. Boston Half Marathon, which take place on Oct 13. I haven´t a special finish time goal, I just want to finish... .and: I want to have a finisher medal.... 

Doesn´t it looks beautiful? I´m curious of the look of this year.

But - to be really honest - on the one side I get a little bit scared shitless of the 13.1 miles - that´s a distance I never ever have ran in my life. But on the other side, there´s a little thrill of anticipation of being a part of this community.

In just a few days I´ll be a part of it!! WHOOHOOO!!

And finally.......I promise you some changes here in my blog after my return:
  • I´ll post more frequently
  • I´ll show you more pics of my training, my progress, my nutrition, my daily life and other healthy stuff.
  • I´ll post some healthy receipts (certainly CLEAN EATING) ...
    ...the Christmas season is just around the corner, but there´s also healthy stuff, too!! Be surprised!

The reasons for this changes are simple - I lost 10 kg (20 lbs) so far. I´m nearly halfway through and I´m feeling now more comfortable in my body. There´s no need anymore for ducking out of sight.... and I want to focus you to involve more in my progress.

Cross your fingers for me for both competitions!

From Oct 4, I´ll be in Boston, MA and I´ll come back home on Oct 25. In the meantime (if I could catch a few moments of my status update) stay tuned on my facebook-page!

Stay healthy & tuned!

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