Sunday, February 2, 2014

THANK YOU! 5,000 VIEWS ACROSS THE GLOBE - Sport connects people

Thank you so much for 5,000 views of my blog ... across the world! 
And we are shortly before reaching the 300th like on my facebook page

Around the globe, hundreds of thousands of people fanatically follow their national sport teams. The world’s greatest game brings and unites sport fans – as one of the great connectors, sport plays an important role in many communities. And it´s not important if the favourite sport is baseball, basketball, soccer, football (tomorrow starts the NFL superbowl) or anything else. 

Sport connects people without borders. No different religion, no different language, no different countrys of origin country, no different skin color, no different background, or different continents can be a border. 
I find this very fascinating. I’m not sure what exactly makes this connection. And I can’t say it ultimately. But I can etablish presumptions Maybe it’s just the joy that sport makes. Many people connect with sports a beautiful moment. I’m sure that every person has experienced a great moment in the context of sport. Be it a triumph, a wonderful experience, or just an experience in which they won a team, the person was a fan.

The start of 2013´s B.A.A. Half Marathon in Boston, MA, USA (where I participated)

Thank you for being a small bridge of this sport community!

Stay healthy and fit!

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