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The secret of getting a bikini body

I´m a very busy women and have only limited time for doing some fitness. That shouldn´t be an excuse! But as you know -or not-, I have a 45h-workday, I commute 1h to my office and 1h back - ...everyday!!.. and besides that I take a distance-learning diploma study at a private university in business economics.I wake up every day between 4:30 am and 6:00 am and arrive home at 7:00 pm at the earliest (mostly between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm)... and that´s a pretty long day!

Í also know, that I can´t lose weight only with a nutritional change... well, I could - but I don´t want only to drop weight without getting lean muscles and getting an athletic body shape. So the solution is to add some training in my daily life.

This is the reason why I signed in a german group of, called Kathi´s Bikini Camp 2014 (sorry, this is only in german). This website is equally to, but only in german :-)... but I try to translate it as best as I can!

Kathrin Hollmann -a female IFBB Bikini Model- designed this year´s Bikini Camp only for girls, who want to get in great beach body bikini shape within 20 weeks.
The female participants get every 4 weeks a new nutrition- and training plan.

Here´s the plan for the first 4 weeks:

Her recommended training plan is as follows:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Upper body + Cardio
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday:  Abs / Core + Cardio

(if you would like to know the details of each training part, please contact me)

Week 1 + 3 are focused on the Legs, Week 2 + 4 are focused on the upper body.

Her nutritional recommendations are as follows:

Food is the fuel of your body!

A car won´t drive without fuel and the same happens with our body - you can transponse this image 1:1. Would you like to have lean, luscious curves or some visible abs? To achieve this goal, your body needs the right fuel!

If we supply our body with some high-value fuel, it works more effective and steady. If you ignore sucessfully the warning flashing fuel gauge, the consequence is to get sticked on a empty ordinary road. Now you have the right virtual picture as a comparison in your mind, what happens with a hungry body. What happens next? Your body is deadlocked, your body is powerless and isn´t efficient anymore!

The division of the macro nutrients are:
  • CARBS: You have to eat 200g of carbs a day - that´s 800 kcal (1g of carb = 4 kcals)
  • FAT: Regarding your weight you have to do a small and easy calculation
    - the minimum of your daily fat consumption: take your weight (in kg) and multiple it with 0.5
    - the maximum of your daily fat consumption: take your weight (in kg) and multiple it with 0.75 (1g of fat = 9 kcals)
  • PROTEINS: take your weight (in kg) and multiple it with 2.0 (1g of proteins = 4 kcals)
Nutritional Timing: you have to eat every 2-3 hours... ideally 5 meals a day. Every meal should contains proteins. Don´t skip breakfast! It´s the most important meal of the day!

In the first 4 weeks there is only ONE cheatmeal allowed (notice: no cheatDAY!)

The allowed nutrients:
  • CARBS:
    - vegetable: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, paprika, tomatoes, lettuche
    - fruits: apples and bananas
    - legume: chickpeas/garbanzo, white beans, kidney beans
    - whole grain: breat, rolls, noodles
    - oat meals
    - rice-, corn- and spelt cakes
    - NO-GO: white flour breat, white flour products of any kind, monosaccharide/simple sugar (wine gums, chocolate, pudding,...) any kind of drinks which contains kcals (Coke, Beer, Ice Tea, ...)
    - chicken, turkey
    - fish (pollack, wild salmon, tuna, trout)
    - tartar / lean meat
    - egg whites
    - tofu / soya natural joghurt
    - low-fat curd / cottage cheese
    - Harz roller
    - protein breat (attention: high-fat!!)
    - whey powder
  • FAT:
    - flaxseeds / linseed oil
    - sunflower seeds
    - egg yolk
    - oliv oil / nut oil
    - coconut oil
    - butter / clarified butter
    - avocado
    - nuts (attention: high-fat!!)
    - NO-GO: deep-fried meals any kind, cream sauce
Pay attention to the ingredients list and the nutritional value list while going into the grocery store! Take your time and read all the ingredients!!! It´s worth! (remember the picture with the fuel!! at the beginning of this post) The more natural (and non-processed) the food, the better for your body.

I can commend you highly to do a daily food journal and record ALL your food with ALL the ingredients....EVERY BIT.. at least in the first 4 weeks to get a feeling of the nutritional value of the foods

Nevertheless... it´s pretty important to drink a lot.... at least 2,5-3 liters (0.66 gallons) a day! A tip is to eat a half a liter with every meal. Pure water/sparkling mineral water or unsweeted tea is the best choice. Avoid additional (and needless) kcals with drinking sweeted drinks or with artificial flavor. (That´s like chemical garbage for your body!)

As already mentioned, I´m a busy lady... but having said that this isn´t a problem for me for doing clean eating! Meal preparation is the key word! ...also for people who haven´t access to a cantine or who have a external work.

Who else of you is now interested of getting a nice shaped beach body until summer 2014?
Talk to me! I´m happy to hear your comments!

Stay healthy and eat clean!

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