Monday, September 29, 2014

Hiring a fitness coach

If you’ve been doing the same workout for months or years and haven’t dropped a pound on the scale or gained the muscle you’re working so hard for, you’re not alone. The reason weight-loss and strength-gains are so damn challenging is because they’re not as simple as we’d like to think they are.

When a bodybuilder is preparing for an athletic competition, it is natural to hire a coach to get him or her in that perfect "shape" to show off on stage when the event finally comes along.  But professional competition is not the only reason to use the services of a bodybuilding coach.  Many people who simply want to employ the techniques of bodybuilding to shape their bodies to look good.  Physical fitness has endless categories and trying out a trainer offers you the opportunity of doing something new for your body. This will bring also a fresh perspective to their daily workout routine and make exercise enjoyable and interesting once more.

I´m hiring a trainer to put me on the proper path to fitness, because I have been training for a while and I´m really not satisfied with the results I have achieved. This happens as you reach a fitness plateau, performing the same exercises day in day out. What your body needs is some kind of stimulation in the form of a different approach and different sets of workouts. 

A trainer can dissect my training routine like an investigator at a crime scene and make the appropriate changes to put me back on track to faster results.

Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to go it alone if you know your body well and you have already seen results. But I want more. So I decided to hire Manuel as my personal trainer and coach. Some of my facebook follower might already know Manuel, as I introduced him a few weeks ago on my facebook page.

Manuel is an IFBB Germany Athlethe and currently in his off-season until Spring 2015. He competed this year for his very first time at DBFV Hessen-Rheinland Pfalz Championship 2014 (6th place), DBFV Int. German Newcomer Championship 2014 (6th place) and finally at DBFV German Championship 2014 (7th place). We´ll use his off-season time to bring me back on the right track – starting by today :-).

It wasn´t quite easy to win Manuel to do this coaching, unless I have known him more than 5 years. Several months I grizzled about asking for coaching, because I´m not satisfied with my body. So much the more I´m absolutely happy to start this exciting time with him. We settled on a lapse of six months to come closer to the body shape I always want to achieve. Last Friday he gave me the customized training- and nutrition plan.

Yesterday I had a number of last meals, as I know what´s coming up to me in the next few weeks and months. But in the evening I did my healthy and clean meal prep for today, because a good preparation is one of the key to success. 

I know, that the upcoming time won´t be easy for me, but I´m really anxious to what Manuel get out of my body. We did an agreement to a 101% commitment to the things we do. 

So let´s keep excited for the next status report and I promise to post some before-after-pics after the coaching session.

Stay healthy and tuned!

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