Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I’m going through a Fitness-Revival. And oh, it hurts so good......

Long time no see, long time no say!! There are couples of changes, which I would like to share with you: 

First, I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for still following my blog! Only with your help and motivation, I´ve turned from a lazy and flabby couch potatoe to a girl, who loves running and fitness!!

Second, herewith I promise to continue blogging now more constantly and regularly - and MORE PERSONAL! (In the past, I´ve dodged myself behind some standard pictures of the internet. But not anymore!)

So, what´s new!?

Following up with my last blog post, it was really a great experience to work with my personal coach Manuel. (for remembering:I hired a trainer to put me on the proper path to fitness, because I have been training for a while and I´m really not satisfied with the results I have achieved.).
He gave me a customized training- and nutrition plan, with good results within just a few weeks. 

But, take a look: This is the transformation of just 4 weeks!

For extraordinary results you must give extraordinary efforts!!

For me, that means in detail: 

ENDURANCE and CONTINUITY: Even after a long working-day, I did my 1h-workout (4-split) at the gym on 4 days a week and did afterwards 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.

MEAL  PREPARATION every second day at the latest - mostly directly after gym. So my dinner was pretty late and right before going to bed. This also means, that going out with friends for dinner wasn´t possible as I had a fixed meal plan.

SETTING PRIORITIES: For a couple of weeks I gave fitness and nutrition a higher priority than contintuing my study. (I do a long-distance diploma study on a private universty, therefore I´m more flexible than some other students). But that´s not a permanently solution for finishing my study :-)

It´s definitively not a lifestyle for every day....

But life isn´t perfect and not always trouble-free. In Autuum last year, my fiancé got sick. We consult one doctor after another for finding the probable cause of it and this needed a lot of my time and attention. As I´m naturally not an egoist - and as a good fiancée - I´ve changed my priorities from focusing on my body to focusing on my beloved person. (Don´t worry, now he´s fully recovered!)

And this is the reason why I fell again off the wagon.... unfortunately!

My hard-earned body shape turned slowly and gradually back into my original shape and my body weight gains steadily one pound to another. So now I´m back in my old shape with nearly my old weight of 2013 (before starting my first half marathon training). I don´t call it yoyo-effect - I still lose focusing on clean eating and regular workouts!!

But after dark there comes sunshine!!!

Call it fate or coincidence..... a few weeks ago -while browsing in my favorite groups at facebook - I´ve found a nice group of girls from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who do actual the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines. By the way, who is Kayla Itsines???

Kayla Itsines, 23, from Adelaide, South Australia, works with clients near her home but has gained worldwide notoriety through her social media accounts where she shows off the enviable results of her regime. (click here)
With a body that would not look out of place on a catwalk, Kayla seems to have mastered the equation needed for an ultra slim and lean physique, coupled with a high level of fitness and strength without bulk. Demand from followers to know how she achieved her body was so high that Kayla released an ebook so fans could follow her high intensity workouts at home with minimal equipment.
She is the founder of the Bikini Body Guide (available here) and the HELP Guide (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan) for achieving a well-toned and shaped body within 12 or 24 weeks.

Often I felt off the track in the past - maybe it´s easier to work together on goals.
Also in this group, I´ve found my fitness buddy - Sarina, living in the neighboring city -, who gives me regularly the fitness motivation I needed (like giving me a kick at the behind !!).

A further push for turning the tide are the plans of Sarina and me to participate one more time at a half marathon - 2016 at the West Coast, USA! (Hello America!!). My first participation at a half marathon was 2013 at the East Coast in Boston, MA, USA. (see here).

I think, I´m on the right way to get back in shape! Slowly, but steadily....
Kayla Itsines´ Bikini Body Guide and the HELP Guide
After some initial difficulties, yesterday I´ve started also the Bikini Body Guide and the HELP Guide.

The Bikini Body Guide consists of 2-4 resistance training, coupled with 2-3 cardio sessions, HIIT- and stretching sessions a week. Each training takes no longer than 30-45 minutes.

So, yesterday was DAY 1 - LEGS & CARDIO. And what should I say? Within the first 5 minutes, I´ve started sweating a lot... yes, I would almost say: I´ve never transpiring so much in the last time - not even while running!! I´ve sparkled over the entire body!!! But the night I´ve slept as a baby! It was so worth it!

For those of you, who would like to follow my journey every day, please follow me on instagram (click here) - but als already mentioned (and promised): I´ll do a weekly summary! 

Stay healthy and tuned!


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