Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One more cornerstone

After a strength-sapping weekend I have now enough time for my next post.

On Sunday I got a surprising mail including a wedding invitation of my colleague (and also a good friend of mine) Susi. The wedding will be end of May 2013. That's exactly in 6 months!!

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That's so exciting!! My last attendance of a wedding was 23 years ago!! As a little fashion-conscious girl one of my first thoughts was: "Aaah, what should I wear?!"
The wedding will be on May, 25. So normally it'll be a warm summer day in Germany - I think a dress is the right choice.
But from the current point of view, this choice will also have a catch.... It's not the problem of having NO dress. All of them doesn't fits me and I do not have a well-shape body for wearing a dress. But I have 6 more months to change this situation!!
So this will be my forth cornerstone of 2013: looking good on my friend's wedding.

Here is an overview of all my four cornerstones 2013:
  • On May, 5 there will be in my home town a 10K city run (5x2km)
  • On May, 25 there will be the wedding of my friend: looking good in wearing a dress is the mission.
  • On July, 28 there will be the premiere for a participation in a triathlon
    (short distance/olympic distance)*
  • On September, 22, there will be also a 10K city run.

To keep on the progress I went to my Zumba class on Monday.
After this sporty hour I lost 627 kcal... That's the beginning of shaping.
On my today's schedule will be a intervall training on the treadmill.
Dear fat - say goodbye to my body!!! :o)

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