Saturday, January 18, 2014

You are what you eat - so don´t be fast, cheap, easy or fake (Summary January 11-18th)

As I announced in one of my last post, in 3 months on April 4, I´ll be a thirty-one-year-old lady...

Three months.... this space is exactly 90 days (13 weeks). As you read in my New Year Resolutions, for reaching successfully your goals you have to break your goal into small steps.
As mine is to reach a healthy body shape, I think the first step is to focus on these ninety days.....90 days are a reasonable time frame and enough time for a visible body change.

We are now in week 2!! Since the day after christmas I dropped 6 pounds so far and it´s goes on...

But the most postive aspect, which I realized this week was the benefit of clean eating:

Besides my happiness of dropping further weight I see further changes. In the past (before my lifestyle change) I ate, when I was hungry or bored or stressed: When I feel my empty stomach, I ate something. I changed this habit completely. I have fixed times, when I eat and I focus on WHAT food I eat on WHICH time.

The advantage of this fixed times is, that your body knows exactly, when he´ll gets the next meal and the energy. And you can avoid all candies besides these stated hours. I also try to eat only carbs for breakfast. When I fall off track and eat more carbs than do myself good, I get immediately indigestion problems. When I´m back on track, this problem has blown off (in the true sense of the word) and I don´t feel myself like I ate a balloon

Another advantage is, that you have a new body feeling and you feel more shaped. Nothing wobbles anymore :o)  In the morning I feel some abs when I have an empty stomach. This wasn´t imaginable a few months ago.
Furthermore, my skin is more clearly and looks healthier than before my clean eating. I don´t have any pimples anymore.
Finally, I have got really more power and I didn´t have a 'low point' at the afternoon. 

As you know, I bought this week some new fitness apparel. My goal is it to wear only some sport bras with tights while looking amazing....   

Currently I love to cook and to try some new healthy receips.
On my facebook site, I posted today a HOW TO DO - receipes:

Stay healthy, eat clean and stay tuned!

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