Friday, January 4, 2013

Everyone should have a Role Model for pushing the goals

When we were younger, most of us looked up to someone. For the majority of us that would mean our parents, but on top of that it wasn't unusual to also find ourselves looking up to heroes on television and in films. 
These were figures who seemed to embody everything that we thought was good, all of the ideal traits that we would like to be able to possess for ourselves, and the kind of life that we would one day want to live.  

When role models fulfill their... role... the way they're supposed to, they can provide us with a range of benefits. For instance they can provide a model for living and for getting to the point we want to be at in our lives. For instance if you've always wanted to be a singer, then seeing someone who is successfully living that dream not only gives you a concrete example to aspire to and to show that it can be done, but it also gives you a template for how to go about achieving that. You can see how they approached their aim, and then you can see if taking a similar approach works for you. In this case that would probably mean finding an agent, getting singing lessons etc etc. This also gives you the motivation to keep going, and hopefully when you see that person perform you will be inspired anew, and you will be motivated to do your own training. 

At the same time a role model can be a comfort and almost a surrogate parent in our own minds. For someone who has a true idol, seeking out their words of advice and their shared secrets is a great way to get guidance and advice in your own life. 

Finally, having a role model can also make life more exciting in some ways. It's great to have a 'favorite' and watching a sports game is made very different if one of your heroes is on the pitch/court and this can help you to get more involved in what's going on in the game. 

My personal fitness role model is Kelsey Byers - She did a great body transformation: from 175 lbs to 135 lbs. With consistent training and clean eating!!
And now she´s a popular fitness-model. Look at this stunning picture!!!

You´ll find her transformation here.
She also wrote an helpful weight loss guide for Fitness Beginners. You´ll find it here
And here are some nutrition plans for download.

Eat clean & follow your dreams!!

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