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My Progress so far of Clean Eating

First, sorry for my long absense....but my new year started very busy. 

Today I want to give you a status quo of my progress.

Since Middle of December I started to eat clean. A few of my reader will probably wonder, why I started this in the 'most difficult part of the year', while you can get sweets and christmas cookies at every turn. So, my answer is: Therefore. 
This was one of my secret to came healthy over Christmas holiday. :o)

I don´t need a 'New Year' to start clean eating.

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So, the half of January is over and I want to give you a short feedback.

Since January 1, I do a food diary at (You can also find a link of the left side of my blog). This will also keep me in progress and give me the right motivation not to fail. I hope, the most of my posted food is known - but here in Germany are some differences than in the States.

For sure, at the beginning it won´t works for 100 percent to change completely your nutrition from one day to another, but I try to involve peux-a-peux the rules into my daily life. And I see, that it works from day to day even better. For example, I did a few days ago this yummy receipt: Turkey Meatloaf Muffins from Jamie Eason. Marvellous!!

When I started my food diary, the presettings of myfitnesspal was 1300 kcal a day. And I was really full. But when I started my work on January 7, I needed more kcal due to more mental and physical work.
So I changed the settings from 1300 kcal up to 1800 kcal with a spread of 25% Carbs, 45% Proteins, and 30% Fat. I didn´t raise up from one day to another - so I ate every day a litte bit more to my new goal.

Furthermore, I try to drink every day not less than 2 liters of water and tea.

In the first week of January I lost only 400g (1 lbs), but in this second week I lost 1,1 kg (2.4 lbs).
Please keep your fingers crossed for me for continuing this success.

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Besides my happiness of loosing weight I see further changes. In the past I ate, when I was hungry or bored or stressed: When I feel my empty stomach, I ate something. I changed this habit completely.
I have now fixed times, when I eat: 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7pm and 10pm. (see also the schedule in one of my last post).

The advantage of this fixed times is, that your body knows exactly, when he´ll gets the next meal and the energy. And you can avoid all foods/snacks/candies besides these stated hours. I also try to eat no Carbs after 4 pm.

Since I ate regularly, my indigestion problems has blown off (in the true sense of the word). I didn´t feel myself like I ate a balloon. Furthermore, my skin is more clearly and looks healthier than before my clean eating.
Finally, I have got really more power and I didn´t have a 'low point' at the afternoon.

As announced above, I post my food diary - every day! This is real a high motivation, because you know, that the whole world can take a closer look to your plates. 
Additional, I´m a member of a very nice facebook group called 'New year - new Rear', in which we motivate us each other and give us some advices.

I also bought this week a new bikini for the upcoming summer. It´s a obligation to fits like a glove. :o)

It´s normal, that the weight will sway at the beginning. To push my progress, I met this week an regional personal trainer Timo Schmid (sorry, link is only in german) asking for feedback of my training and nutrition plan and for giving me some further advice. It was a really nice evening of an exciting discussion of generals fails of nutrition and training.
I´m anxious of his response of my plan. I´ll keep you up to date.

For me, another motivation is to finish successful my sporty cornerstones: I´ll participate in three competitions of a 10K-run: on May 5 (Cityrun), on July 28 (as a relay in a triathlon team of three girls) and on September 22 (Cityrun along the river).

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This is my progress so far - certainly, I´ll keep you in the loop.

If you want to read further information of clean eating I warmly recommend you this book.

Stay healthy and eat clean! 

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