Thursday, January 31, 2013


As announced and promised in my last blog, I´m happy to present you my new baby....... my 20-weeks Beachbody Challenge 2013 - from Feb 1 to Jun 20.

I was incited to this project from some other beachbody challenges on the web, which started recently or will start soon. In exactly 20 weeks there is the official beginning of summer (calendrical) in Germany. As I feel very comfortable with my current program, I´ll want to focus on my training - my nutrition and hydration is almost perfect.

In January 2013 I lost 2,3 kg (5 lbs)... that´s really incredible. Well, to be perfectly honest, I have one cheat meal due to an invitation to a pasta party! But the day after I came back on track and continued my own clean eating low-carb plan.

But I´m a little bit annoyed about my slackness of training. I did only 2 times a week my training. And with this Beachbody Challenge I want to discipline myself and raise the frequency to 4-5 times.

In the following 20 weeks I want to make some little, but essential changes in my training plan to get the most amazing beachbody I ever have. Every 4 weeks I´ll change the exercises intensity of Cardio and Weight training. As you read in one of my last posts, I joined a trial class of bootcamp - which I want to include in my upcoming training plan.

My training plan is as follows:
  • Monday: 60 min Zumba
  • Tuesday: Cardio (to train for the first of my cornerstones this year: 10K on May 5th) and Weight training (2-split Upper body)
  • Wednesday: - Rest -
  • Thursday: Cardio (to train for the first of my cornerstones this year: 10K on May 5th) and Weight training (2-split Lower body)
  • Friday: 60 min Bootcamp
  • Saturday: - Rest -
  • Sunday: - Rest - or 1 times a month: 120 min Zumba Masterclass

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In the next 20 weeks I´ll post regulary the results of my training and the progress of my weight loss.
So I hope I can share my motivation with you and it will push me additional to train harder.
Tomorrow will be the first day of this Beachbody Challenge... :o)

What are your plans for getting the ultimate beach body 2013?

Stay healthy and train consistently.

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