Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have to make an announcement.......

As mentioned in my last post, I will give you now the answer of why I put the american flag into my collage...

Since I was a little child, I´m really interesting in the States! And it was a really big dream of mine of visiting the States one day.

Regarding an business event of my company, I was in Cambridge/Boston in 2011 and 2012... and what I have to say... I really fell in love with Boston... and my dream came true!

Last week I had an appraisal interview with my boss and he gave me the go-ahead of my wish of doing a advanced language course..... in Boston, MA! A total of two weeks!

This will be the third time in a row of visiting Boston! I love this city!!
I´m thrilled to bits!! That´s so amazing!

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Due to my tough time plan of my distance learning it will be only possible for me to travel in autuum (end of September, beginning of October).

Maybe I´ll add some days for visiting NYC... !!! This city is on the top range of my "Must-See City-List".

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Who of you lives at the East Coast of the States, e.g. in the next area of Boston / New York? Will anyone of you plan the participation in the Boston Half-Marathon on October, 13?

Are you interesting of an meet-and-greet with me? :o) I´m looking forward to your comments. Don´t be shy!

Stay healthy and be thankful for every single (even small) gift!

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