Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beachbody Challenge 2013 - Week 7

My own Beachbody Challenge has started on Feb 1, 2013.
In the following 20 weeks - until beginning of summer in Germany - I want to move up a gear and keep my eyes on low-carb clean eating in combination with 4-5 times training a week.

Here´s my diary of Week 7

Friday, March 15: 
As some of you know, besides full-time working and additional part-time distance learning we refurbish our house. Today we got our new kitchen furniture. And it looks AMAZING!! I´m looking forward to cook more healthy food stuff..... counting the days for the move into the house in autuum 2013!!! Regarding the time in the house I couldn´t participate in the bootcamp class! :o(

Saturday, March 16:

Sunday, March 17:
Weight training session in the gym: Upper body! Wheeeooo! Greeting from the aching muscles!
I did the Training of the Labrada Lean Body Challenge (page 5 ff)

Monday, March 18:
I decided to quit the attendance of the weekly Zumba-Class (just) for a while, because I noticed, that the combination of weight training and cardio/running will give me more than "just" dancing to the beat.
So I did a training session on the treadmill - unfortunately inside due to the really cold weather here in Germany!

Tuesday, March 19
- Rest

Wednesday, March 20
Here in Germany today it is the beginning of spring - but only calendrical. The temperatures here are as cold as in winter... including snow!!

Thursday, March 21
- Rest-

Stay healthy and tuned!!

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