Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beachbody Challenge 2013 - Week 8

My own Beachbody Challenge has started on Feb 1, 2013.
In the following 20 weeks - until beginning of summer in Germany - I want to move up a gear and keep my eyes on low-carb clean eating in combination with 4-5 times training a week.

Here´s my diary of Week 8

Friday, March 22
Friday is Bootcamp time!!! A little bit cold, but really good! The pain is worth!

Saturday, March 23
- Rest - and studying

Sunday, March 24
It´s time for partnering training session in the gym. We did together a weight training for the lower body (including ab training all time).

Monday, March 25
I did a 45 min cardio session on the treadmill in the gym.

Tuesday, March 26
- Rest-
I feel that I get a cold in the nose. I take my wonder drug: aspirin complex and a sachet of zinc for my body defense. Nevertheless, it was a good day: Today we reached our 1000th view of my blog! Thank you very much for your motivation!!!

Wednesday, March 27
Unfortunately I didn´t feel better. So today I do another rest day and take another sachet of zinc and other vitamines.

Thursday, March 28
Yeah! My health is fully restored! Thank you wonder drug and zinc and gallons of tea!! Starting a light full-body training in the gym.

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