Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting healthy and sporty in 2014

My dear follower,

hope, you started healthy and without a hangover into New Year. :-)

In the first days of this new year I did some cleansing days (which I also did in summer 2013) with a lot of green tea, water, simple vegetable stock and rice cakes. It´s like an detoxification for your body, because you drink rd. about 3-4 liters (1 gallon) a day. When I did this the last time, I noticed, that dropping pounds was more easily. In this 4 days I dropped 4 pounds (2 kg) - with a remark, that water was the most of the weight loss.

Yesterday was January 4th. Now you think, okay, that´s not a special day.... you´re absolutely right! Excerpt the fact, that in exactly 3 months on April 4, I´ll be a thirty-one-year-old lady... :-)

Three months.... this space is exactly 90 days (13 weeks). As you read in my New Year Resolutions, for reaching successfully your goals you have to break your goal into small steps.
As mine is to reach a healthy body shape, I think the first step is to focus on these ninety days.....90 days are a reasonable time frame and enough time for a visible body change. (One of the most famous workout programs has also a duration of 90 days... see P90x of

I created for my own progress documentation my own fit book (in the style of this fitbook).
(Note: normally I would buy it, but the delivery time was too long from the States to Germany until New Year's Day).

Spurred on the before-after progress pics on the web (which can be found in droves these days), I took also initially some before-pictures of my body, I weighed and measured myself. As I also promised to stand out against the background of my blog and to be more visible for my readers I´ll show you some of my progress pictures.

To be honest, it´s really a difficult step for me to show you my pics, because I feel ashamed, how I lost self control over my body in the past years and I couldn´t believe how difficult the way is to come back to a shaped body. Although, 2013 was a sporty year for me (incl. participating in a half marathon and dropping 20 pounds), I still don´t feel comfortable in my body.

On November 2012 I started this blog with 205 pounds, now I´m at 185 pounds, my goal weight is between 143 and 154 pounds... (I´m 5'10'') - so you see there are at least 30 more pounds to drop. But I don´t only want to drop the weight to see the number on my scale, but more I would like to shape my body with lean muscles.

Currently I´m size 14 (starting on size 16-18) and at the end I want to have a 8-10.

For reaching my goal, I created a training plan and a nutrition plan with some essential supplements.

- 3x weight lifting,
- HIIT and
- 2x cardio/running
- thinking of adding P90x :-)

- after getting up: multivitamin supplements
- breakfast:(CARBS+PROTEINS) oatmeal, whey, milk, cinneamon and some berries or rice cake, no-fat cream cheese, chicken breast and cheese
- snack: 1 apple
- lunch:(CARBS+PROTEINS) rice, lean meat or fish and a lot of vegetable
- snack: some almonds
- pre-workout: BCAA + L-Carnitine
- post-workout: BCAA + Glutamine
- dinner:(NO CARBS) salad with egg and tuna or lean meat with a lot of vegetable
- before sleeping: whey

On my facebook page I´ll try to show you some receipes, nutrition and workout pics and as a weekly summary a new post on this blog here....

Let´s get started...!!! Wheeeoooo! :-)

As a good starting motivation I ordered some gym apparel - the next post will follow soon.

Stay healthy and -importantly- tuned....

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