Sunday, January 12, 2014

Train like a beast - look like a beauty (Sports Apparel Haul)

Gym memberships and home gyms continue to become more popular with the passage of time. Sometimes motivation to get to a gym is simply about feeling comfortable in the right sports apparel. Whether attending a new yoga class or enjoying a routine workout on the treadmill, wearing the right sports apparel increases both comfort and style at the gym. Further, the best sports apparel for gym workouts is both supportive and flexible to the wearer.

The following pictures shows you an overview of my sport apparel. (The items with a blue star were recently bought). Do you see, that I´m addicted to NIKE? O:)

So, what exactly do you need?

Sports Bra
The sports bra is one of the most important pieces of sports apparel that a woman purchases. Sports bras provide support and motion control, while keeping the breast tissue safe from damage. Further, sports bras often help prevent back injuries. A good-fitting sports bra fits more snug than a regular bra, but should not restrict breathing or movement.

Shirts and Tanks 
Athlete should also invest in a quality tank top or shirt made specifically for the gym. While these items come in a variety of styles, the tank top or shirt should allow the skin to breathe and maximise movement. Further, the best shirts and tank tops for gym workouts are made out of wicking material, regulate body temperature, and are often anti-bacterial. Athlete interested in viewing their muscles while they work out, or those who get hot quickly, should opt for less fabric in a tank-top.

Shorts and Pants
The best sports apparel bottoms for gym workouts are fitted and flexible to help maximise movement. Sports apparel bottoms range from shorts, to capris, to full pant-length options. Shorts and skirts are also a popular trend at the gym, depending on the workout. Athlete should choose shorts and pants that are made from materials such as spandex, mesh, nylon, or other moisture-resistant materials.

Athletic Shoes
Proper athletic shoes are also of utmost importance when working out at the gym. Proper athletic shoes should conform to the shape of an individual's foot and provide ample support. For consumers who participate in various activities and utilise various machines at the gym, the athletic shoe should cover all bases. While a athlete does not need to pick an athletic shoe that is not visually pleasing, picking a shoe with the right flexibility, arch support, and material should be of equal importance.
I use my Nike Free´s only for gym/fitness - for running I use my Brooks Adrenaline GTS13

Outdoor Running Jacket
Every summer we like to remind runners how important it is to be visible to others sharing the road. Runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts will find a wide selection of quality name brand apparel and illuminating gear offering real solutions to low visibility in limited and no light conditions. Neon and hi-viz colors are statistically proven to increase the range of visibility during the day. Retro-reflective patterns and reflective zippers, trim, logos and details project additional visibility as you continue your workout into the night.

In street clothes visibility is limited to about 200 feet in dark conditions. Most reflective and hi-viz apparel adds 1000+ feet of visibility, by adding a simple strobe light or flashing LED you enhance your profile even more. Don't wait for an accident to happen, be proactive and put safety first!

Stay healthy and train like a beast with the right apparel!!!

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