Friday, November 23, 2012

Should I - or shouldn´t I?

Yesterday I took a closer look at my sport plan where I scheduled my plan of training and my progress.
Normally I should went to the gym for a small (but -certainly- essential) training on the treadmill.

But after coming home for a long working day with overtime I met a little devil and a litte angel on each side of my shoulder. The devil said "Come on, stay at home, because it´s getting late and the way to the gym (round about 8km) isn´t be worth for a training of 30 minutes!"  My angel said (with a wagging finger): "If you shouldn´t go to the gym - You won´t have success with your plans of body transformation!! Come on! Make yourself an effort and go. You only have to pick up your sport bag and move your ass into the car."

After thinking a long time, which one I want to give my blessing, I decided to clean up the flat and made a compromise: Implementing the training part of yesterday in my today´s training!!

Both of them were satisfied and this plan shut them up! :o)

Nevertheless, I hope, that this wouldn´t wake up my bastard inside of me!!

On the weekend I´ll be off for a visit of my parents-in-law and I´ll come back on Sunday, where the next training session will be....!! Looking forward to my next Zumba Session on Monday!!

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