Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tasting sweat! – Part I

A few weeks ago I decided to try Zumba. Zumba is a fast and sweaty dance fitness program with some salsa, samba, merengue, bollywood and latin moves. The first hours was just testing these new kind of body moving – and it was quite funny although I didn´t know the choreography and the right moves very well.

But from time to time I improved myself and getting better.
So I did the choice of making Zumba to a routine. Every Monday evening I participate in.
Two days ago (on Monday)  I checked additionally my heart rate and the consumption of kcal with my heart rate monitor … and was really astonished: I burned 722 kcal in just one hour!! But I also have to tell you, that my average heart rate was 156!! But I felt great…. Also the day after!

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Did I mentioned yet, that I additionally took part in a Zumba Masterclass on Sunday?
The Zumba Masterclass is a advanced Zumba Class, which takes two hours with two different instructors. The first hour was with our regular zumba instructor. And the second one was with a male professional salsa-merengue-latin-dance instructor. I didn´t know where I have to take my breath (...and he his condition!)! That was so heavy – but I did it!! After that I was tired, but very very happy!
I signed in for the next Zumba Masterclass on December 8. I´m really excited, which instructor will take the second hour.

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