Friday, November 23, 2012

Start Running

I have one older brother, who is really a experienced runner of the half-marathon distance.
For shame, I have to tell you, that the only distance which I made during a competition was a 5K on 2009 with a lots of breaks for taking breath....

As you see, you can´t call me a endurance athlete, because my fitness level didn´t raised up in the last time.
After consultation and some more discussions he gave me the bible of a running god (his quote): Herbert Steffny. I have to train with persistence to run 30 min without a break (step-by-step), and after that I can try a 5K and a 10K-Training.

As announced in my last post, I want to finish all three cornerstones in 2013. The first cornerstone will be on May 5 with a 10K run.
So I picked my calendar 2012/2013 up and made a detailed schedule for a healthy training of getting fit.

My training plan looks as follows (until April 7, 2013):

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Monday - Zumba (unless it is school vacations)
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Running (in winter: on treadmill / in summer: outside along the next river)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Running
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Running and/or Zumba Masterclass (once a month)

If I getting nervous on my rest-days it´s up to me to do some more sports like swimming, or go mountain biking or anything else.

My first plan is to run 30min without any walking break. This should be possible in the first week of January. Please keep your fingers also crossed for me!

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