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How to look good while getting fit

To wear makeup to the gym or to not wear makeup to the gym — that is the question.  Although there are times when I do not wear makeup while working out, 98 % of the time I put it on.  I have oily skin so my face breaks out very easily, therefore, I cannot just wear any makeup to workout.  Sweating, along with the wrong type of makeup for your face, equals a big mess of clogged pores.

If it’s not designed to withstand perspiration, it will come off, and when you sweat you create an ideal environment for breakouts (sweat plus makeup equals a breeding ground for zit- causing bacteria). But we know many women would rather die than go to the gym without their blemishes and dark spots covered.

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It's not like I put on a smoky eye and statement lip before hitting the treadmill. I simply like to touch up my face with a few makeup must-haves. You know, a swipe of tinted moisturizer, a layer of mascara, and a rosy lip balm. Too girlie? Perhaps, but I feel a lot more confident during an intense sweat session when I know that my dark spots aren't on display and that my lips have some color to them.

Here are some of my makeup tips from my personal experience. I also contacted my professional cosmetician and make-up artist, Anita Glater and asked for her advises.
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Here is the summary:
  1. Figuring out your skin type is crucial.  Do you have oily skin, oily t-zone, dry skin, combination or normal skin?  Is your skin sensitive; are you prone to acne?  You can’t buy the correct products for you if you don’t know what type of skin you have.  If you need some help I would suggest visiting your dermatologist or a professional cosmetician.  He or she will help determine what type of skin you have and will get you started on the right face wash, toners acne treatment and so forth for your skin type.
  2. Purchase a tinted moisturizer for your skin type.  I prefer a tinted moisturizer over foundation because most foundations tend to be thick and cakey which is uncomfortable to me.  A tinted moisturizer I have used in the past and liked is Estée Lauder´s, tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 (here,, 52,90€). 

  3. Moisturizers are a must.  We sweat so much and wash our faces constantly that our skin screams for moisture.  However, if you want more coverage the only foundation I will put on my face during a workout is a oil-free light make-up by Estée Lauder which is called Double Wear Light Foundation (here, 39,95€) — the only foundation I absolutely love.  I usually just blend my moisturizer with a very small amount of the foundation, just enough to give me a tint of color and I have to admit I like it.  It doesn’t allow your skin to look oily and it has anti-aging ingredients.
  4. Girls it is never to late to start the anti-aging process. Vitamin C is amazing and you will see huge positive changes with your skin in just a few weeks.
  5. As far as mascara, you definitely want to use one that is waterproof. Not only does a great waterproof mascara help you avoid raccoon eyes, it can also curl stubbornly straight lashes. In fact, waterproof mascaras will hold your curl better than volumizing mascaras, which tend to weigh lashes down. Also, if you have naturally oily lids, you can finally wear mascara on your lower lashes without them smudging immediately. You can use MALU WILZ´s 24h Waterproof Mascara (here,, 13,50€). Alternatively you can buy the most products of Malu Wilz in Anita´s Cosmetic Studio.

  6. And my favorite.... ta da da … EYELINER ☺ I can’t live without it. This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on & let's you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease. I currently use BOBBI BROWN´s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (here,, 22,95€) cream liner in dark brown. I apply it with a very thin brush and best of all it does not run.  When dealing with eyeliner you also want it to be waterproof.  Running on the treadmill with streaks of black running down your face is not attractive.
  7. Girls also remember to wash your face after every workout as soon as possible.  I use my Deep Cleansing Foam from SHISEIDO (here,, 26,95€), and LANCESTER´s Cleansing Block - All in one (here,, 24,95€). Also remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly.  Use a brush for your powder rather than a sponge.  Sponges carry more bacteria and think about it, you’ll end up wiping your oil and sweat back on your face :-/
 Stay healthy and always look stunningly beautiful - even while workout!!

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