Monday, March 4, 2013

Beachbody Challenge 2013 - Week 4

My own Beachbody Challenge has started on Feb 1, 2013.
In the following 20 weeks - until beginning of summer in Germany - I want to move up a gear and keep my eyes on low-carb clean eating in combination with 4-5 times training a week.

Here´s my diary of Week 4:

Friday, Feb 22
Friday is Bootcamp-Time. We do sport outdoor - in any wind and weather. It´s a high intensive mixture of cardio and strength HIIT or Tabata...sometimes with elastics, but almost with our own body weight.

Saturday, Feb 23
- Rest -

Sunday, Feb 24
I did the Zumba Masterclass and rocked over 1136 kcal in two sweaty hours. Here and here you can read the summaries of my both last Masterclasses.

Monday, Feb 25
Every Monday evening I do Zumba. This is a routine since Summer last year. And it makes a lot of fun: Dancing and jumping to the beat - I think, it looks very funny!

Tuesday, Feb 26
- Rest -

Wednesday, Feb 27
I pushed my boyfriend to do some sports with me in the gym. 
And now he push me with weight training and cardio, too. That´s pure motivation.

Thursday, Feb 28
- Rest - 
Stay healthy and push youself to your own limit to reach the best shape of your life!

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